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Froxfield - St. Peter on The Green

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Froxfield - St. Peter on The Green, David Dawson-Taylor, added 17/11/2006
Photograph provided by David Dawson-Taylor

Froxfield - St. Peter on The Green, Alan Steele, added 6/11/2006
Photograph and information below provided by Alan Steele


The following history is taken from a booklet entitled ‘Froxfield & Privett. A taste of history’ by Tony Newman.

Froxfield Churches

There appears to have been a church at Froxfield Green since Norman times as is evidenced by the pillars taken from the old building and placed in the present church at High Cross. Two pictures exist of the original Green Church and hang in the two present buildings. Depicted is a typical village church in the Norman style with a tower said to contain two bells and crowned with a short spire. The last service at the old church took place on March 3rd, 1861. On the following day the building was demolished.

William Nicholson built the present Froxfield Green church on the site of the ancient building. It was opened on the 19th September, 1887. Built to a design of Sir A.W. Blomfield, it cost the squire £1250 which he deemed money well spent. He believed his predecessors to have been unreasonable in demolishing the old church in what was then the centre of population and in building the new one a mile or more away at High Cross.

There were, for a time, two other churches in the Froxfield parish. A small tin­roofed chapel existed at Warren Corner which served that end of the parish until it was demolished in 1956. There was also a Methodist chapel at the corner of Honey­critch Lane and Old Litten Lane, which was built in the middle of the 19th Century and continued in use until it was converted into a private house, (now called High View) in 1900.

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