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Quarley - St. Michael

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Quarley - St. Michael. Picture 1, David Dawson-Taylor, added 12/4/2008
Quarley - St. Michael. Picture 2, David Dawson-Taylor, added 12/4/2008
Quarley - St. Michael - Missing Bells. Picture 3, David Dawson-Taylor, added 12/4/2008
Many years ago the bells were hung above the church roof. The Victorians decided that the roof was not strong enough,
so the bells were removed and mounted on a rack outside the church. Alas, human greed took its toll,
and thieves came in the night on 5th or 6th July 2006 and cut two of the bells off (with oxy-acetylene cutters) - hence the gaps as shown.
Photographs and information provided by David Dawson-Taylor

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